The Insider’s Guide to Sports Medicine in Phoenix

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is the largest sports medicine organization in the world. Sports medicine deals with the science of sport or exercise related injuries. As the host of the ACSM health and fitness summit in 2015, Phoenix Arizona is at the heart of innovation for sports medicine.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, there are two sports medicine colleges. These schools prepare students for sports medicine certification at graduation. Both of these schools are accredited and offer extensive training. Patients are able to be seen by students, or physicians called “residents” in the hospital. If an injury takes you into the hospital, be sure to know the title of the physician managing your care. A resident is a physician in training, and with two sports medicine colleges in the area, it is likely you will end up seeing one of these physicians. They do work under the guidance of a board-certified physician; however you may not feel as though you want to see anyone other than an attending physician.

Sports Medicine

In addition to education for students, there are over fifty sports medicine physicians in Phoenix, Arizona. When searching for your specific physician, review the website to be certain that physician specializes in your type of injury. Some doctors have more experience with contact sports while others may work more with the elderly. Call the office, review the website and use search engines such as “” to gain perspective on expertise. When choosing a physician, one should always be sure they are board certified.

Orthopedic surgeons will deal more with bone and joint injuries while sports medicine tend to manage sporting injuries. The physician may also be family, meaning they will be able to deal with children as well as the elderly. Reviewing where the physician went to school and completed his or her fellowship may give you a better understanding of the training they have experienced.

Alternatively to orthopedic surgeons, if you’re an athlete with other underlying pain issues and suffer from migraines, fibromyalgia, or back pains, seeing a specialized pain management doctor. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for alternatives to surgery while still managing pain.

For children with sports injuries, there are several offices/physicians available that specialize in pediatrics. Family sports medicine physicians are able to treat children, but pediatric physicians have had additional training specific to children.

Lastly, when choosing a physician, it is important to ensure that the provider will accept your current health insurance. Most office websites can provide this information, or you may call the office to inquire. Remember, not all physicians have practicing privileges in all hospitals, so it is important to determine if the sports medicine doctor chosen will be able to manage your care in the hospital of your choice.

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