Start Running Today

Are you ready to start your new running fitness program but not sure where to start? Want to do a marathon but you run of breath just going to the corner and back? Don’t worry, we all started out the same way. If all those people can run Boston and Chicago marathons every year, so too can you! Three simple steps and you are on your way.

The right running shoes

If you think running in your old converse are ok, then think again. Running shoes are very important to prevent injury and more importantly to stay comfortable. There are all kinds of brands and styles, and it is not necessarily the most expensive that is best. Have a look on Footlocker to see a wide selection of many top named brands.


The right plan

Everything needs to start at the beginning and the same goes for running, don’t think you can set off from the couch and run a 5km today. Soon, but not today. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Look on running sites for a plan that meets your criteria. Think about how many days you can run and how long you have available. Start with a walk and run plan for the first couple of weeks, and never increase your long run by more than 10% a week.

The right nutrition

Water is a must, make sure you are getting your three litres a day, and be sure to carry a bottle with you on hot days. Dehydration is not fun! Poor nutrition can also lead to unpleasant side effects. Make sure you are eating good healthy food, with lots of greens and complex carbohydrates. And, don’t eat two hours before a run. After any exercise, ensure you refuel within the first hour to allow your muscles to repair and grow.

Step by step is the key, don’t rush into running because without these simple guidelines followed you will be rushing to the doctor sooner than you would be to a race. Take care of your body and enjoy.

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