Free Bingo Craze

Bingo has been around for centuries now. However, online bingo is a relatively new phenomenon. Despite its infancy, online bingo continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Off-late free bingo and no deposit bingo games have gained quite a momentum. Bingo fans are increasing and the market is gradually getting saturated with more and more bingo sites vying to stand out.


This phenomenon kicked-off somewhere in 2009 when a bingo site announced to offer 24/7 free bingo games. It wasn’t long enough when other sites started offering free games too. More and more bingo sites began cropping up, free games were being provided to the players. Gradually bingo sites upped their jackpots offering free games to the online bingo players.

In this day and age, free games remain a major reason why players flock to the online bingo sites on an everyday basis. But only time will tell till when can the bingo sites sustain with free bingo games.

Another major reason why players prefer online bingo to the traditional counterpart is because most of the sites today offer bonuses. This is like a free money. When you go to GameVillage Bingo and such other sites, you will find bonuses are really generous. So much so that for the newbies, on the first three deposits they give a total of 900% bonus. That means a lot of bingo games. Players indeed get value for the money spent.

Competition is getting stiffer by the day. Free games and bonuses are just few of the tricks to get new players to the site. Again there are a plenty of other ways in which the operators are trying to get players to the site. Themes, state-of-the-art graphics also play a massive role in attracting new players.

The question remains, will the online bingo continue to soar high in future or is the bingo industry close to saturation? Only time can tell us that.

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